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AFMG Licensing System

All AFMG Software excluding EASE 5:

With all our software we offer a very flexible and generous licensing system. All AFMG software is made available through an international license server, which provides many additional benefits for both single users and larger offices. The little trick which makes AFMG licenses so flexible is the so-called “User Key”, a little piece of data which is used to unlock/activate the software you have installed on your PC.  

AFMG Licensing Model

All AFMG Products excluding EASE 5:

Licenses we offer are perpetual licenses and have no expiration date.

You purchase the program once. No annual fees are charged. All minor version upgrades are included in your purchase. For the next major version upgrade, an upgrade price will be charged, which is slightly discounted compared to the new purchase of this higher version.

EASE 5 - On-Demand Training

Feb 19 - Jun 30 2024

Mastering Room Acoustics and Sound Design with EASE® 5

This Comprehensive Training Journey is a blend of  on-demand learning and live online training, tailored for audio professionals, acousticians, and enthusiasts eager to master EASE 5, the forefront software in sound system design and room acoustics modeling.

EASE 5 - Introductory Training

Jan 9 2024 | 9am - Jan 11 2024 | 6pm

The 3-day EASE 5 training will cover all important features in EASE 5 JR and Standard, and will briefly demonstrate advanced modules in EASE 5 Pro, e.g. AURA and EARS. The course is designed for new EASE users as well as EASE 4 users.

A full feature evaluation software license will be provided so attendees can explore the software fully, even if they own a simpler version, or don’t own the software yet.