I am an EASE 4 user: Do I get an upgrade price for EASE 5?

Customers who already own a license of EASE 4 are entitled to start directly with the renewal fees for licensing EASE 5.

  • One-year license: Renewal Fee, 1 Year
  • Two-year license: Renewal Fee, 2 Years*

After the purchase, the existing EASE 4 license remains unchanged. Additionally a license for the new EASE 5 software is delivered.
This is not an upgrade within an existing software, but rather the purchase of a new software at a reduced price.

In general, you are eligible to receive one EASE 5 license for each EASE 4 User Key you own for Upgrade/ Renewal Fees. Any additional EASE 5 license must be purchased at Initial Fees. You can find an overview of all prices here: EASE 5 Versions & Prices.

If you would like to receive a quote, please contact our Sales Team.

*The price for this is calculated as follows: Renewal Fee, 1 Year + Renewal Fee, 1 Year - 10 % package discount

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