How to aim Loudspeakers?

I am confused about how to aim Loudspeakers. Which methods can I use and which is the best?

There are 4 basic methods how to aim Loudspeakers.

  1. Central perspective. To use this method:
    • Pick a Loudspeaker.
    • Hit right mouse button and select Loudspeaker Aiming.
    • This opens the Loudspeaker Aiming window.
    • To aim the Loudspeaker just click the left mouse button into the drawing. As a result the Loudspeaker will be aimed to that direction and the picked spot will be centered.
    • To see the aiming in external view just arrange the Project Data Main Window and the Loudspeaker Aiming Window so that both drawings are visible.
    • To compute the resultant Direct SPL coverage mapping check data and go to View/Render Lspk Mapping.
    • This will open the EASE Eyes Window. To compute the mapping of desire switch on the Loudspeakers to be used and select the type of mapping from the Mapping menu.
  2. Set Aiming Point. To use this method:
    • Pick a Loudspeaker.
    • Hit right mouse button and select Set Aiming Point.
    • Now you can pick any spot (left mouse button) in the room and the Loudspeaker will be turned around so that the aiming line will go through the picked location.
    • Use the right mouse button for a complete Undo if necessary.
  3. Enter Aiming Point. To use this method:
    • Pick a Loudspeaker.
    • Hit right mouse button and select Enter Aiming Point.
    • Enter the coordinates of the location, e.g. a Listener Seat, the Loudspeaker should be aimed on.
    • Press OK to turn the Loudspeaker to the desired direction.
  4. Move Loudspeaker Group. To use this method:
    • Select Move Loudspeaker Group from the Tools menu
    • This will open the Move Loudspeaker Group Window
    • Select active Loudspeakers. This defines which Loudspeakers are used for the Move and Aim commands.
    • You will find in the window not only buttons to move the group but also buttons to turn the Loudspeakers around a defined axis.
    • Use the Details button to enter a user-defined point of rotation for the selected group.

To sum it up, it can be said that the first methods are best to aim a single Loudspeaker or a cluster. If you know already the point that the Loudspeaker should be aimed to use Enter... . If you want to see the results of your aiming settings directly in a mapping use Loudspeaker Aiming + Render Lspk Mapping. If you want to select the Aiming Point in external view use Set... This method works best in OmniView. If you want to aim and to move a complete group of Loudspeakers there is no other way than to use Move Loudspeaker Group.
Obviously the method of choice depends on the circumstances.

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