Building a room model based on 2D drawings in EASE 5 (video)

In this video tutorial many tips for the room drawing and design can be found.


Default path to the example project file:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\AFMG\EASE\Example Projects\Auditorium\Drawings


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00:00  Introduction
00:41  Navigation
01:19  3D View presentation settings
02:53  Loading 2D drawings
08:34  Inserting the first Face using absolute coordinates
10:49  Face orientation (front vs back side)
11:11  Selecting an item that is covered by another element
11:25  The reason why you will typically want to start with floor Faces
12:05  Relative coordinates
13:56  Snapping to a coordinates axis
17:47  Editing a Face after it has been created
19:08  Duplicating a Face
20:42  Changing the orientation of a Face (Invert Face)
21:19  Stacked Faces display
22:27  Hole Outlines display
23:40  Using the Z-Plane restriction to insert the back wall
25:02  Sending the coordinates of the cursor position to the control bar
25:58  Inserting the last Faces using the tools we learned
27:58  Closing the room: Acoustic Parameters window – Volume tile
31:39  Concluding: Acoustic Parameters window – Reverberation Time tile

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