AFMG establishes Customer Success Team


AFMG establishes Customer Success Team

CUS Team Berlin

AFMG’s modern and agile approach is driving not only the software development and testing but also our teams and processes. We strive to continuously adapt all internal processes to provide our customers with an excellent product and excellent customer service.

The successful launch of EASE 5 First Edition has accelerated this ambition. In the future, our staff members from marketing, sales, and technical support will work more closely together as the AFMG Customer Success Team.

The team will collaborate on various tasks and projects to both improve the interaction with our customers and enhance the overall experience with us as a company. Guided by a customer-centric vision we also want to provide new solutions - not only within the context of our software, but also services around it that will increase the success of our users and clients.

There is much to do and we look forward to tackling it together!

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