Acoustics 2023 Conference in Sydney

Dec 4 - 8 2023
Acoustics 2023 Conference.

Meet us at the upcoming Acoustics 2023 conference in Sydney, Australia. AFMG will be holding two presentations at this conference:

Limitations of the scattering coefficient for simulating early reflections

Stefan Feistel1, Michael Vorlaender2 and Bruce C. Olson3

1. AFMG Technologies GmbH, Berlin, Germany
2. IHTA, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany
3. AFMG Services North America, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA

The introduction of the scattering coefficient has enabled geometrically-based acoustic simulations to produce full-length impulse responses of fairly high accuracy. However, the scattering coefficient is a random-incidence quantity that can be applied only when considering a statistical energy average over different directions. This model is inaccurate if a single reflection by a surface element is considered for which the scattered part of the sound energy depends strongly on the angle of incidence. The resulting deviation can be particularly relevant for first-order reflections as these reflections have significant influence on acoustic parameters that make use of early-energy estimates, such as D, C80 or LF. In this paper, the uncertainty of the specularly reflected energy is estimated and discussed for a number of typical surface structures and scenarios. The corresponding impact on the accuracy of predicted early-energy parameters is also discussed. Possible solutions and extensions such as an angle-dependent scattering model are outlined.

(The session is titled: 1pAA, Anomalous, Scattered and Steered Reflections).


Auralization as a tool for design and subjective analysis

Ana Jaramillo1, Gustavo Basso2 and Bruce C. Olson1

1. AFMG Services North America, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA
2. IPEAL, Facultad de Artes, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, La Plata, Argentina

During the remodel of Teatro Colon in Argentina in the period 2006/2010, acousticians performed acoustic measurements at 10 different stages of deconstruction and then repeated them during construction. Each stage allowed them to verify that the internationally renowned acoustic quality of the venue was not going to be lost with the use of new materials, especially the new upholstery of the seating. This study re-creates some of those stages using EASE acoustic modeling software, explores how auralizations of a model compare to auralizations of measured impulse responses, and how this type of prediction can be used as a design tool.

(The session is titled: 4pAAa, Three-Dimensional Sound Display and Analysis for Virtual Auditory Immersive Environments II).


The 5-day conference is organized by the Australian Acoustical Society and The Acoustical Society of America.

Registrations and additional information can be found in the Acoustics 2023 Sydney website


The International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney)
14 Darling Dr