Can I run EASE 5-FE on MacOS?

For the time being, EASE 5-FE will be compatible only with Windows operating systems. As an alternative, you can use Bootcamp or run EASE inside a virtual machine. Possible programs for that purpose are Parallels Desktop, VMware, VirtualBox, etc. 

In general, any Windows OS installation that fulfills the system requirements is able to run EASE 5.

EASE 5-FE Loudspeaker Database


Several manufacturers have provided their licensed EASE data to AFMG for distribution. The loudspeaker speaker data can be downloaded as a whole package or sorted by manufacturer from the list below.

How to install:

  • From within EASE 5-FE (Loudspeaker Ribbon -> Import GLL) import ZIP, GLL or DLL files.
  • The files will be stored in an internal database and will be available for use in any EASE 5-FE project

Please note:

EASE Training

Sep 26 2021 | 9am - Sep 30 2021 | 5pm

Level 1 EASE Training, 26 September - 28 September, 2022

This 3-day seminar covers an overview of EASE and the basics of room modeling and sound system design. The EASE database, mapping results and visualization functions will be discussed as well. An introduction is given into auralisation and post-processing of calculation results. Case studies are presented and interpreted.


Ahnert Feistel Media Group

Located in Berlin, Germany, AFMG® Technologies GmbH has created the industry standards EASE and EASERA software for acoustic simulation and measurement as well as their related products EASE Focus, AFMG SysTune, EASE Address and EASE SpeakerLab.

In cooperation with our partner company SDA Software Design Ahnert GmbH we develop and distribute software for:

Electro-acoustic and
room-acoustic modeling
Electronic and acoustic
Applications in
engineering and physics
RF and infrared

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