Lake Convolver not convolving?

When I convolve my FIR filter file with a wav file as the source and play it thru my speakers, the EARS convolver gives me what I would expect, and the Lake sounds like just the source (input) wav file.

Switch on [x] Convolve in the FIR Filter Frame. If off, Lake works as player. The EARS convolver sets this switch itself. Does the peak level indicator go to color? If not, you are in play mode

Lake Convolver in the Background

The audio playback using the Lake Convolver is muted whenever the focus changes to another window. It returns when the focus is returned to the convolver DB.

Yes, the Lake convolver strictly needs an open and active window. You can relax the problem with 'Ears/Utilities/Auto Foreground' on. Then EARS pulls back the focus automatically after you have clicked somewhere else.

Level and Delay for Mixing Files

I have produced different WAV files by the Lake convolver for further processing with the Ears WAV Mixer. How can I get their proper SPL and delay values?

The Lake convolver is designed for real-time listening. For manipulation of convolved signals we recommend the use of the EARS convolver. It automatically produces WAV files with proper level and delay information.

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