EASERA 1.2 Tutorial

The purpose of this document is to provide you a working knowledge of the program and its many features and capabilities. The Tutorial Sections will lead you through most of the important EASERA / EASERA Pro features, including measurements and evaluating measured data files.

This tutorial is available in both English and German languages.

InfoComm 2021

Oct 27 - 29 2021

Due to the worldwide pandemic AFMG has decided not to exhibit at the InfoComm in Orlando, Florida, USA in 2021.

Find more details at the InfoComm 2021 main page.

We’re looking forward to continue our regular participation at InfoComm in 2022.

EASE Training

Feb 28 - Mar 2 2022

This training is a 3-days online live seminar for EASE beginners.

In the seminar you learn all the basics and principles of EASE and how to use it.

We explain the basics of acoustic theory, such as the calculation of reverberation time and the principle of ray tracing, in an easily understandable way.

EASE Training

Sep 7 2021 | 10:30am - Sep 27 2021 | 4pm


A. Modules

To improve flexibility, we have organized the upcoming online EASE® training in a series of modules that can be configured in different ways to cover the topics needed by the attendee. See a description of each module below.

How to Implement and Sign a GLL Plug-In ?

API Implementation and GLL Plug-In Signing Overview

Within your subscription you will always receive the latest AFMG SDK for the GLL Plug-In API. This Software Development Kit contains all current API libraries and information on how to implement them in order to develop your own GLL Plug-Ins.

Creating GLL Plug-Ins is straightforward. In the following a technical overview of this process is given.

How do the FIR filter coefficients get from FIRmaker into the DSP?

Since the implementation of FIRmaker will be done individually for each loudspeaker system and in close partnership with each loudspeaker manufacturer, the DSP controller platform/software will need to integrate closely with FIRmaker as well. Different levels of integration are possible, depending on the loudspeaker systems in use and the degree of usability manufacturers want to present to their users:

Ahnert Feistel Media Group

Located in Berlin, Germany, AFMG® Technologies GmbH has created the industry standards EASE and EASERA software for acoustic simulation and measurement as well as their related products EASE Focus, AFMG SysTune, EASE Address and EASE SpeakerLab.

In cooperation with our partner company SDA Software Design Ahnert GmbH we develop and distribute software for:

Electro-acoustic and
room-acoustic modeling
Electronic and acoustic
Applications in
engineering and physics
RF and infrared

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