In which cases do you recommend to still work with EASE 4 instead of EASE 5-FE?

If you want to achieve results more quickly and if you mainly work on projects of up to moderate level of detail determined mainly by the number of surfaces, EASE 5-FE is the perfect tool for you. It enables you to work efficiently supported by intuitive and modern design concepts.

If you are an advanced user with very complex projects, we recommend to work with EASE 4 as grouping functions for surfaces and loudspeakers are still limited in EASE 5-FE. Furthermore, modeling sound systems with advanced internal filter configurations is not yet supported in EASE 5-FE. With respect to room acoustics, scattering coefficients cannot be user-defined for individual surfaces yet.

To evaluate if the current feature set of EASE 5-FE meets your requirements, we recommend to

Due to our short release cycles, we are continuously and rapidly expanding the feature set of EASE 5-FE. Next up in 2022 is the extended grouping of model objects so that large projects can be realized more conveniently. Other functionalities that also advanced users will benefit from will follow in the foreseeable future.

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