What would a typical optimization approach look like?

Two things are needed as a basis for FIRmaker optimization:

  • FIRmaker enabled, high-resolution loudspeaker data "GLL"
  • The definition, "model" of the venue to optimize the setup to.

The loudspeaker data is provided by your loudspeaker manufacturer. The model of the venue is defined by you. - AFMG provides the EASE Focus 3 software for this purpose. Different criteria can be defined in your setup. Mainly, these will be audience areas to aim the sound to and exclusion areas that FIRmaker will try to avoid sound from going to.

Once your setup is completed, you define the design goals and then start the optimization. Some seconds later, EASE Focus 3 will re-calculate the performance of your setup with the optimized parameters, immediately giving you a preview of the results.

You can generate several optimization results using different settings of the available parameters and compare these.

If you own a FIRmaker Generator license, you can then export the FIR filters of your preferred setting and load them into your DSPs to configure your system.

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