Upgrade Microsoft Windows with an AFMG Software program installed

I have an AFMG software program and would like to upgrade to a newer version of Microsoft Windows. Will I have a User Key problem or can I just upgrade without any problems?

Microsoft’s Windows updates and upgrade apply changes which interfere with the checksums of User Keys for AFMG software. In order to safely upgrade your Windows operating system without losing your User Key, it is absolutely necessary to upload all your User Keys for all AFMG programs to our licensing server before performing the Windows update or upgrade!

Please use the AFMG Licence Manager to upload your User Key. To do so, please follow the steps below.

  1. Start the AFMG Licence Manager.
  2. Select the software program  from the list of programs you have installed.
  3. Click the UPLOAD button.

If you have other AFMG programs installed please upload your User Key for each of them as well before attempting to upgrade or update the operating system. For EASE and EASERA you will need to use the respective "Guards" which are started from the HELP / REGISTER menu within the software.

AFMG recommends that you also install the most recent version of your software while you are in the process of upgrading. Please do the following.

  1. Visit your account in the AFMG Download Portal at
  2. Log in and download the latest version of your software.
  3. Install this most recent version of the AFMG programs after you have upgraded Windows.

After you have performed the Windows OS upgrade and installed the most recent software version you can safely download your AFMG  software program User Key.

Applies to:
EASE SpeakerLab
AFMG SoundFlow
AFMG Reflex
AFMG SysTune