Slow Project Data Module

I have finished now a project with approximately 300 Faces and 40 Loudspeakers. But anytime I change something the Project Data Window takes several seconds up to a minute to update the view. Is this a bug?

No, propably not. There are two main reasons for the editing module slowing down that dramatically.

  1. Make sure that labels are switched off. It can take a lot of time to render the names of the Vertices and Faces.
  2. Switch off any coverage cones. For every single dB coverage cone of a Loudspeaker EASE has to do a lot of geometry calculations especially for 1° resolution. Even displaying only the Aiming lines may take a while. Try to work with as few Loudspeaker cones on as possible. Try to use only 3dB Cones or only the Aiming line. This will give EASE time to breathe again.
  3. Make sure you do not use loudspeakers with extraordinary case drawings. If there are more than 20 faces/edges per loudspeaker, make a local copy of the speaker model for your project. Then delete the drawing from that local copy by either using the case editor in the speaker base or by removing the FRD, FVT, FED and FFC files in the local directory.
  4. If all this does not help, try to reduce the amount of items in the room. For example, importing from DXF often requires a fair amount of work to simplify the many AutoCAD details to the acoustically relevant parts of the room geometry.
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