Latest Version of EASE Focus Supports the Extended GLL Plug-In API v 1.1


Latest Version of EASE Focus Supports the Extended GLL Plug-In API v 1.1

Focus GLL API Beam Steering Side View

Since 2017 AFMG® has provided an SDK (Software Development Kit) for EASE Focus 3 to loudspeaker companies, enabling them to independently develop powerful plug-ins for their GLLs. This includes e.g. custom properties windows, safety calculations, or giving access to innovative features of high-end loudspeaker systems such as beam steering technology.

AFMG is continuously working on extensions and recently released the GLL Plug-In API version 1.1. This version includes a new module supporting access to the geometric data of audience areas of EASE Focus 3 projects. By retrieving this data, loudspeaker-specific aiming algorithms can be implemented to set line array splay angles and electronic filters. For loudspeakers with beam steering the filter configuration can be computed automatically in order to optimally cover selected areas of the venue. This new version 1.1 of the GLL Plug-In is already supported by EASE Focus 3.1.12.

If you are an EASE Focus 3 user, please have a look at your preferred loudspeaker brands and models to see if there are any key features that are missing in the software. In all probability those features can be implemented via the GLL Plug-In API. The corresponding SDK is available for any interested loudspeaker manufacturer. AFMG invites all loudspeaker companies to expand the feature set of EASE Focus for the benefit of their users by adding custom product functionality.

Please find detailed info on our GLL Plug-In API website or contact AFMG with any questions!


Content last updated on: 11.11.2021