How do I enter ambient noise for use in Intelligibility predictions?

Ambient noise settings for the simulated room are found in the bottom right of the Acoustic Parameters window.

Clicking on Measured Noise Level tile will zoom in on the related two tiles and update the Properties window on the left-hand side to show the current noise level values.

In EASE 5-FE the noise level can be defined based on a single Broadband value or based on a fractional-octave spectrum in Octave or 1/3 Octave resolution.

You can also paste values from another application into the table by selecting the first row for the copied values. The resulting curve is shown in the Noise Spectrum tile. It will be applied to all calculations that require information about the ambient noise level, such as STI calculations.

Below the Noise Spectrum tile, you will find a switch where Noise Levels can be turned on and off for the simulations.

Noise Levels in EASE 5
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