How can I close holes in my (imported) model?

If you import a model that contains other modelling elements like the ones mentioned in the following FAQ: What do I have to consider when importing DWG models?, this may result in a hole in your room geometry. Holes can of course also occur during the drawing process.

To identify and close the holes, a good overview is the Room Volume Indicator. If the indicator is red, the model either has faces that are orientated incorrectly or a hole in the geometry.


Room Volume EASE 5



Check for holes in the surface of the room using the Presentation > Geometry Analysis > Hole outlines mode. Missing parts or inverted faces will be indicated with a red border.


Hole Outline EASE 5


If faces are missing, you will need to add them. In EASE 5-FE the main function for creating new faces is the Surfaces > Insert > Polygon tool.

Click on the menu button to activate the mode. After that, you can draw a new face vertex by vertex.

If faces are oriented incorrectly, select the face and under SURFACES, click on INVERT FACE.


Additional information about the room modeling convetions of EASE 5-FE can be found in this video tutorial:
Building a room model based on 2D drawings in EASE 5 First Edition (video)


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