How can I check which version of the AURA module I am currently working with?

There are two ways to check which version of the AURA module you are currently using.

From within EASE:

  1. Start EASE
  2. Select > Help > About
  3. Check if in the parentheses behind "Full Version" "Aura 3" or "AURA 4" is shown.
EASE About window


From your AFMG Download Portal account:

  1. Select "License Guard Setups"
  2. Then, check if under EASE Guard Setups, "A" or "4" is shown in the User ID. Or if "AURA 3" or "AURA 4" is shown in the Version.
License Guard Setups Picture
EASE Guard Setup Picture



Please note: Maintenance updates and support for AURA version 3 will end on July 31, 2023.

The upgrade to version 4 is available here.

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