EASE installing Spyware?

It has come to my attention that EASE 4.0 will install a spyware program called XYZ. What information are you recording on my computer and what is your intended use of it?

You must have used a Spyware program detector that is poorly implemented. It finds a control "Desaware SpyWorks 6 Hook Control" that is a common tool used by Visual Basic developers since it was first released over a decade ago! Real Spyware program detectors like Ad-Aware from don't make this error.

Details given here are for instance: "DWSHKxx.ocx -- The world's premier hook control in use at tens of thousands of installations worldwide. Provides in-process, task-specific and system-wide hooks of both 16 and 32 bit applications under Windows NT, Windows 95 & NT."

If you have let the spyware detector remove the DWSHK32.ocx file from your computer, EASE will no longer run, as it depends on DWSHK32.ocx the file to link between the OLE modules. Please re-install EASE.

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