EASE 5-FE Upgrade History


Outlook for the upcoming release

  • Input configurations and filter settings for line arrays and loudspeakers.
Input filters selection preview.



    Version 5.50.1

     NEW  on 07.03.2023

    Bug fix:

    • Highlighting of faces associated with materials or selection sets was dependent on the view angle. For certain view directions the highlight effect was not visible.



    Version 5.50


    New features and improvements:

    • Numerous new filters for signal processing:
      • Low-shelf, high-shelf and all-pass filters added.
      • High-pass and low-pass filters extended by Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel types.
      • Symmetrical peak filter added.
      • All filters available for global EQ, processing blocks, and individual loudspeakers.
    • Expanded slice views and cutting planes***:
      • Upper and lower cutting planes can be freely defined and combined for all three axes.
      • Sliders for interactive adjustment of limits relative to the room model.
      • Individually configurable for each 3D view.
    • Acoustic Parameters window now shows the frequency spectrum for each input signal.
    • New shortcuts***:
      • Ctrl+0: Scale to fit
      • Ctrl+1 to +4: Standard view directions X, Y, Z, 3D
      • Ctrl+5: Toggle slice view on/off
    • Updated and improved colors for all items in 3D views.
      • Two-folds are displayed in sand color.
      • Improved case drawings for loudspeakers.
      • Additional triangle symbol for hovered and selected listener seats and loudspeakers.
    • Numerous performance improvements in render engine and hover engine for managing large numbers of faces and loudspeakers.


    • The project file format was changed. Files saved with version 5.50 cannot be read by predecessor versions.

    *** Top-voted user requests


      Version 5.49.1


      Bug fix:

      • Critical fix: A project file cannot be loaded in 5.49 after changing the speaker model of a loudspeaker that is stored in a selection set and then saving the project. Saving the project from 5.49.1 will automatically correct the project file, as well.


      Version 5.49


      New features and improvements:

      • Signal processing with global EQ:
        • In the Acoustic Parameters window, global equalization and gain can be applied to the input signal that is fed to the sound system.
        • Related filters can be defined and modified through the Filters window.
        • For calculations, the gain and eq settings are combined with the filter settings for processing blocks and individual loudspeakers.
      • Improved Filters window access:
        • In the properties windows of loudspeakers, processing blocks, and global EQ the filters window can now be opened directly using a new button.
      •  3D Perspective view:
        • New standard perspective allows selecting diagonal views of the room model.
      • Improved coordinate entry:
        • After confirming coordinates in the control bar, the focus is moved back to the text field of the x coordinate.
        • All mouse modes stay activated until they are switched off by pressing Esc or the corresponding ribbon button.
        • Various performance improvements for managing large numbers of items in a room.
        • Increased performance for importing many GLL loudspeaker data files.

      Bug fixes:

      • Important: Volume calculation fixed when rooms are far from the origin.
      • Calculation modules reliably initialized with unit system selected in main program.
      • Improved layout for Selection Sets window.


      • Application upgraded to .NET 7.



        Version 5.48


        New features and improvements:

        • Choice of input signal:
          • In the Acoustic Parameters window, one can choose among pink noise, speech according to the STI standard IEC 60268-16:2020, music (EIA 426B) and program (IEC 60268-1).
          • The signal type is automatically applied to all calculations. It is also accounted for when determining the maximum output capabilities of loudspeakers and line arrays.
        • Mirror function:
          • One or multiple selected items can be mirrored in X-direction or in Y-direction.
          • For loudspeakers and listener seats the aiming/orientation angles are mirrored accordingly.
          • For faces the acoustic orientation is adjusted accordingly.
        • Selection sets:
          • Selected items can now be stored as selection sets. These saved selections can later be restored and then used for viewing and modifying multiple items at once.
          • Selection sets can be labeled and sorted. They can also be updated to a new selection by adding or removing items.
          • All items included in a selection set can be viewed and selected. The list of assigned items can be expanded and collapsed.
          • Items included in a selection set can be highlighted in other windows.
          • Key properties of items are shown in the selection sets window, such as the speaker model for loudspeakers or the acoustic material for faces.
          • Multiple selection sets can be combined together. Items included in selection sets can be selected together as well.
          • Selection sets are not exclusive; they can contain overlapping sets of items. Empty selection sets serving as placeholders can be defined as well.

        Bug fixes:
        -    Important: Bug fix for statistical calculations based on Measured RT setting.


            Version 5.47


            New features and improvements:

            • Selecting multiple room items for modification:
              • Select items using Ctrl + left click
              • Move and duplicate several elements
              • Invert multiple faces at once*
              • Add back-side faces*
              • Assign a new material to several selected faces*
              • Replace the speaker model of all selected loudspeakers*
              • Load XLGC configuration files and apply them to several line arrays in one step
              • Create audience areas for many faces at once*
              • Delete all selected items by pressing Del
              • Deselect all items by pressing Esc
              • Multiple processing blocks as well as project materials can be selected as well
            • Various editing modes can be used in two ways (*):
              • If no items are selected, a mouse mode will be activated to select and change items subsequently.
              • If some items are selected already, the ribbon button will show a corresponding number symbol and the change will be applied immediately.
            • When activated, most mouse modes are automatically locked for several actions in a row.
            • Move, duplicate and extrude functions support choosing an anchor point anywhere in the model.
            • When inserting faces or audience areas, the reference point is set automatically to the last point inserted.
            • Extended calculations in Room Mapping module:
              • Cumulative distribution supported, including threshold and mean values for top 80%, 85%, 90% and 95% of the covered area (e.g., for EN 54-32).
              • Print Value mouse mode for inserting mapping values in the 3D view.
              • Status bar shows mapping values at mouse location in Peek and Print Value mouse modes.
              • Revised diagram scaling and labeling for frequency response, echogram and distribution graphs.
            • GLL files can be imported directly from zip-files, for example, after downloading compressed files from AFMG’s website.

            Bug fixes:

            • Fixed bug for rare cases where a project file cannot be overwritten.
            • Room Mapping: Fixed error 384 that occurs when switching mappings and mapping evaluation window is minimized.


            Version 5.46.1


            Bug fixes:

            • Resolved rare “Unexpected error 50003” on Windows 7 PCs.
            • Fixed frozen UI when starting the software by double-click on an incompatible project file.
            • Fixed occasionally missing ribbon buttons when starting the software by double-click on a project file.


            Version 5.46


            New features and improvements:

            • Processing blocks support entire filter banks in addition to gain and delay.
            • XGLC configuration files can be loaded for line arrays (Loudspeakers ribbon menu).
            • After loading a project, scale-to-fit is applied automatically.
            • When importing large DWG files or loading EASE projects, a progress indicator is shown.
            • Selection button added to Tools ribbon menu.
            • New default window layout named Sound System.
            • Improved software start-up time.

            Bug fixes:

            • Loudspeakers table: columns for Hor and Ver angles flipped so that Ver is first.
            • Room mapping shows project name correctly.
            • Improved display of window asking for consent to data collection.
            • Fixed keyboard focus for Insert Loudspeaker and Insert Listener Seat.
            • Fixed error when undocking/docking the Line Array Configurator window. 


            • Project files saved with this program version cannot be loaded into previous versions because of the expanded processing blocks.



                Version 5.45.1


                Initial release.


                Applies to:
                EASE 5-FE