AFMG Software Trainings Are Moving On


AFMG Software Trainings Are Moving On

Several AFMG® software trainings have taken place during the last months even though Covid-19 restrictions are in place in many countries. Our training partners are successfully adapting their educational offerings to the current situation.

In this, AFMG is mainly focusing on 3 different paths: Webinars and online classes, open and closed on-site classes with limited number of participants, as well as one-on-one trainings via Skype and other channels. The webinars and online trainings especially allow acting more independently given the current situation. In May and June the first webinars for EASE® and EASE Focus have taken place for our Japanese customers.

AFMG Software Trainings 2020

For the future, AFMG hopes to provide more alternative training formats in order to supplement our classic on-site trainings. Together with our partners we are highly motivated to continually develop and expand our offerings in this regard and thus to meet the needs of our joint customers even more effectively.

Now that first alternatives have been developed and implemented, we are pleased to announce various training courses planned for the second half of the year in many parts of the world:

  • EASE Compact Online Training by SISTRUM - Europe - September 8-11, 2020 - English
  • EASE Evac Online (live) Training by AFMG North America - USA - Summer/Fall 2020 - English
  • Sound System Optimization [&] Measurement Online (live) or On-site Traning by AFMG NA - USA - Summer/Fall 2020 - English
  • EASE Level 1 [&] 2 Online (live) Training by AFMG North America - USA - Summer/Fall 2020 - English
  • EASE Focus 3 Entry + Advanced Level incl. FIRmaker Webinar by J.TESORI - Japan - Summer + Winter 2020 - Japanese
  • EASE Entry Level Webinar by J.TESORI - Japan - Fall 2020 - Japanese
  • SysTune Pro On-site Training by J.TESORI - Japan - Fall 2020 - Japanese
  • EASE Level 1 & 2 Online Training by Boutique Pro Audio - Latin America - October 26-30, 2020 - Spanish
  • EASE Level 1 On-site Training by DASAN - Republic of Korea - November 2020 - Korean
  • EASE "One on one" or On-site Training by GUZ BOX design + audio - Australia - Various Dates 2020 - English

    The current version of this list is always available on our Classes Page.

Are you looking for a different training? Please do not hesitate to contact our partners directly to discuss further training options with them.

We would be pleased to welcome you at one of our next AFMG software trainings!

Did you know?

  • You can register for a free trial license of AFMG software at any time to get familiar with the software yourself. Get your free trial license on this webpage.
  • The 10% discount on single software purchases* will - of course - also apply in connection with paid webinars or online trainings. Just ask your training provider about it.

    * software purchased within 30 days after participation in a training course.


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